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Gain More Social Networking Notoriety for Your Business

When it comes to making your small business more notorious, you might feel like you’re continually fighting the Big Boys of the Fortune 500 world for any online space.  After all, when you don’t have the budget to compete with companies that regularly toss millions of dollars into their marketing and advertising budgets, what hope is there to gain the kind of notoriety that comes with clever and consistent social networking?


The complain comes on the heels of a recent – and amusing – announcement, which claims that newest Twitter user and billionaire Warren Buffett, who is reported to be receiving over 1,000 Twitter followers every minute.  Consider this recent news as outlined by (


“The 82-year-old ‘Oracle of Omaha’ joined [Twitter] and sent his first tweet on Thursday, picking up more than 45,000 followers in just under 45 minutes.  ‘Warren is in the house,’ Buffett said under the handle ‘@WarrenBuffett.’  The handle was not officially verified by Twitter, but was confirmed by Fortune Magazine, which hosted Buffett for a live webcast Thursday.  It was billed as the first social media event for the notoriously technology-averse billionaire.


“If followers were dollars, Buffett is having even more success on Twitter than he had with one of his best investments ever, his 2008 stake in Goldman Sachs Group Inc.  That deal gave him preferred stock that paid dividends at $900 a minute.  On Twitter, he has gathered 1,000 followers a minute.  By joining Twitter, the Berkshire Hathaway Inc chief executive officer now stands in good mogul company.”


While one could certainly argue that Buffett is getting more followers because he has an instantly recognizable name that’s been honed by decades of wealth accumulation, the point here is that anyone – even a small business owner – can build up considerable social media notoriety.


All you have to do is put these sneaky and surprisingly easy techniques to good use:


  1. If you want to present yourself as a social media expert, you need to make sure all of your technology is up to speed.  After all, no one can appear to be a technologically savvy person if they’re still using a computer that could have been dug up alongside dinosaur fossils.  With this in mind, it’s worth making the investment in better technologies.  At the very least, you and your employees will enjoy the distinct advantage that comes from increasing your efficiency and productivity through better technology.


2. Make social media announcements about really cool things that your business is doing.  For example, let’s say you’ve invested in a VOIP fax service, which essentially means that you can send a fax to email address, and vice versa.  This is a unique and new technology that not everyone has heard of, so turning this into a news announcement is a great way to stimulate some conversation on your social media account.  Let your followers know that you’re able to send a fax from your email address, and you can even receive a traditional fax straight into your inbox.  You may even want to consider having a VOIP challenge, where you invite your social media users to fax you.  It’s a really cool way to turn a unique investment – like VOIP fax – into a way to interact with your social media followers.


3. Post tons of engaging pictures and thought-provoking status updates.  If you’re not operating with the kind of name recognition that Warren Buffett has, you need to take things up a couple notches by making your followers notice you.  Post links to controversial news articles in your industry, or ask thought-provoking questions that your readers won’t be able to resist answering.  It’s these kinds of moves that lead to more followers, which in turn can increase your social media notoriety for your business.


4. Don’t be afraid to be funny.  Some of the most successful social media accounts of businesses use humor, witty sayings, and clever catchphrases to attract their customers and invite them to laugh.  After all, no one wants to see another status about the smoothie their friend drank for breakfast – what they really want to see is something that will make them laugh.  Therefore, if you have a comic clown in your office, consider having him or her in charge of your social media account.


Social media notoriety for your business isn’t about waiting for the kind of name recognition that Warren Buffett currently enjoys.  In fact, with some careful planning, even something as cool as investing in VOIP fax can become a buzz-worthy story for your various social media accounts.


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