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How to Make Your Home Office Green with Internet Fax

When it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, you may be committed to using the most environment-friendly appliances and technologies available.  After all, using “green” appliances like an energy-efficient refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher, you can help reduce your total carbon footprint, which can help make the environment a much cleaner place.  And with most environmental experts claiming that the United States has more of a negative global impact on the environment than any other country (apart from Brazil), it’s clear to see that making your home green should be a commitment that you take very seriously.


It’s important to note that while you may be focused on reducing your carbon footprint in the kitchen and bathroom, you may be missing out on another room that’s causing some of the biggest carbon emissions in your household.  That’s right: we’re talking about your home office.


No matter what size your home office may be, chances are that it’s emitting a serious amount of carbon energy into the atmosphere.  Think about it this way:  if you have a computer, printer, and phone, you’re already producing a carbon footprint that could rival that of your kitchen.  Add a fax machine to the mix, and you’re looking at one of the biggest produces of carbon emissions per square foot than any other room in your house.


Making your home office green is a critical step you can take to ensure that you’re reducing your home’s total carbon footprint.  Additionally, taking the steps to make your home office green can significantly reduce your total electricity bill.  Besides, let’s be honest here: saving the environment is a great benefit, but reducing your monthly expenses is pretty fantastic too.


How to Make Your Home Office Green


Making your home office green can often be a cheap endeavor, as many green technologies will often save you more money in the long run.  Therefore, don’t be alarmed if you think you’ll be investing a considerable amount of money into your home office.  Many of these green movements will save you money, and some can even be deducted from your total tax bill.


With that in mind, let’s learn how you can make your home office greener:


  • Keep a container next to your desk that allows you to recycle if you don’t already have one.  Think back to your days at the office: when you had a recycling container near your desk, you were probably much more likely to recycle than if you had to walk across the office.  The same rule of thumb applies to your home office.  You’re much more likely to recycle your plastic bottles, soda cans, junk mail, etc. if you have a recycling bin right next to your desk.  After all, you’re a busy and successful professional – so keeping a recycling bin by your desk just makes sense in terms of saving you time.


  • Invest in Internet fax.  This is a new service that completely negates the traditional fax machine, which produces a large amount of carbon emissions in any home office.  This fax service – which is conducted entirely online – allows users to send faxes via email.  Simply upload a document and send it to an email address or to the recipient’s fax machine.  Internet fax also makes it possible for other people to send you faxes right to your email address.  Add to the fact that this fax service is more secure than traditional faxing – not to mention greener – and this is one update that should be made to your home office immediately.


  • Purchases files, folders, and other materials from recycled materials whenever possible.  You can also purchase materials that are easily recyclable in the container next to your desk (remember that crucial first step!).


  • Unsubscribe from as many mailings as possible.  Try to conduct all communications online, which can significantly reduce any carbon emissions that are produced by having dozens of materials mailed to you each month.


  • Only print what’s necessary.  Print all documents on each side of the paper to cut down on the amount of paper you print.  With this in mind, you may even want to invest in computer paper that’s made from recycled materials.  Buy a paper shredder so you can recycle paper, even those confidential contracts.


When it comes to keeping your home office green, only buy what you truly need.  You may love the look of an advanced home office that’s been outfitted with the latest technologies, but this can often increase your carbon footprint – not to mention your electricity bill.  Keep things simple by only buying the technologies you truly need to run your business.


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