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The Advantages to Using an Online Fax Service

When it comes to using a fax machine, you might think that this technology met the same doomed end as the VCR and tape recorder.  After all, when was the last time you ever needed to send a fax, apart from that one time when you simply popped in a paper store and sent a fax to that doctor who hasn’t yet discovered email?


While it’s true that traditional fax machines might not be the preferred mode of communication in today’s era of smartphones and web conferencing software, the truth is that faxing has undergone it’s own revolution of sorts: the online fax service.  Think of faxing online as the ultimate combination of sending an email to anyone in the world, all combined with the security and convenience of sending a fax to a designated number (read: it’s much more secure than just shooting out an email).


Perhaps you’ve yet to discover your own fax online service, or you’re just not convinced about the advantages to using an online fax service.  No matter what your doubts are, it’s vital to note that online fax service can make it much easier for you to streamline your day, be it at home or in the office.


But before we explore the advantages to using an online fax service, let’s take a moment to examine why faxing online has evolved over the last decade.


The Evolution of the Online Fax Service


Without the evolutionary process, it’s safe to say that the traditional fax service would have fallen prey to the same fate as other outdated technologies, including VCRs, tape cassettes, and eight-tracks.  However, one difference separated them all: traditional fax machines were still crucial for private and professional use.  After all, fax machines make it possible for people to send documents across the world to designated and secure phone numbers.  This made it possible for businesses to send contracts and for people to send applicants or paperwork without worrying about scanners, email, and other assorted technologies.


However, there were some faults in traditional fax that made it necessary for the service to evolve.  For example, there was no guarantee that documents faxed from one phone number to another would be received by the intended recipient.  People would merely have to hope that there was someone on the other end of the line to receive the paperwork.  If the paperwork was particularly private, this could be potentially disastrous.


Hence, why the online fax service was born.


The Advantages of Fax Online


Online faxing takes all the advantages of traditional faxing and adds a few layers of security and speed.  An online fax service is like sending an email to a fax machine: you simply have to scan your document, upload it to your fax software, and send it to either another email address or to someone else’s fax machine.  This makes any documents much more secure, which makes it easier to fax confidential contracts, medical records, and other sensitive documents.


Now that you know a little more about how the fax online works, let’s take a look at some of the major advantages to an online fax service:


  • It’s incredibly affordable.  Whether you’re a small business owner or have a fax machine in your home, you probably know that it’s expensive to maintain a separate phone line for your fax machine.  Add the cost of equipment and paper to the mix, and it’s easy to see why online fax services are much easier on your wallet.


  • By sending a fax online, you’re making it much more convenient to communicate with others.  What’s more, you can send a fax from anywhere, even your smartphone; as long as you have an Internet connection, you’ll be able to send a fax.


  • Most people are familiar with how email works; however, it’s very difficult to find someone who understands everything about using a fax machine (if you’ve ever seen the office panic over a broken fax machine, then you understand this point).  Online fax services are efficient and easily maintainable, which means you don’t have to worry about any breakdowns or sudden expenses.


  • Most importantly, using an online fax service is highly progressive.  Whether you’re keen on keeping up with technology or you want your business to use the most advanced technologies, sending a fax online represents one of the best new services available to date.


When it comes to using an online fax service, you don’t need any other knowledge other than the ability to use email.  Its intuitive use – combined with its affordability and progressive nature – makes an online fax service an indispensable part of any home or office.


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