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How to Impress Clients Using an Internet Fax Service

As a business owner, you might find that it’s growing increasingly difficult to impress your clients and vendors.  In an age where companies are bending over backwards to offer their customers everything but the kitchen sink, it might feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle trying to compete.  After all, when clients are expecting more from businesses, how can a smaller company compete with larger companies capable of providing more resources and free gifts to on-the-fence customers?


If you’re looking for ways to impress your clients, you don’t always have to break the budget with free gifts and expensive marketing campaigns.  In fact, some of the best ways of increasing your brand’s reputation involves free or next-to-free services, including a cheap fax service, viral video marketing, and text message marketing.


If you’re ready to dazzle potential customers, enhance your brand visibility and reputation, and convert more leads into loyal clients, you should implement very specific technologies and strategies within your business.  But before we dive into the nuances of impressing somewhat overwhelmed 21st-century clients, let’s take a moment to recognize why it’s becoming harder to woo potential customers.


A Perfect Storm: Reciprocity and the Expectant Customer


Whether you own and operate a brick-and-mortar business or you conduct your affairs exclusively online, you’ve probably noticed that many customers are being offered free gifts, tools, and promotions just for demonstrating interest within a specific business.  There’s an interesting concept behind this new business strategy, which is known as the art of reciprocity.  Here’s what business leaders need to know about the branding power of this new and innovative strategy.


“Reciprocity” is a term that’s used to define when one individual gives a token of appreciation to another individual who has just given a gift.  Think about the last time a business gave you a sizeable free gift – chances are you were more likely to purchase from that company in return, whether at that very moment or later in the future.


So why are you more likely to buy from a business or a person who gives you a free gift?


This is because reciprocity invokes a very primal reaction within people, where we don’t want to consider ourselves beholden to someone who has given us a gift or done a free service for us.  In fact, in some cultures, it’s considered incredibly rude and insulting to not give back to a person who has just given you a token or a gift.  It’s a unique psychological phenomenon that more business leaders are becoming aware of – and the results can make for a significant boost in your bottom line.  After all, customers are more likely to buy from your company if you do something valuable for them before even acquiring their business.


Reciprocity and Your Business


So if you don’t have a wealth of free tools and resources to give away to customers, what can you do to inspire the powerful buying power of reciprocity within potential customers?


Simple: impress them with your unique and innovative business technologies!  Studies have shown that this move can generate the same reactions within your customers, especially if you’re able to impress them with your methods for conducting business.


Some of the best technologies that can help you do this include:


Send Faxes- The NEW Way:  Sending faxes is nothing new – but if you use cheap online fax services, you’ll be positioning your business to significantly impress your clients.  This innovative new way to send faxes involves sending documents securely and safely online – that means no paper, no clunky office technology, and no separate phone line.  It’s an impressive way to conduct business that certainly won’t go unnoticed by your clients and vendors.


Engage in Text Message Marketing:  Nearly every person with an email account has received spam email or direct mail advertisements.  Typically, these marketing ventures go straight into the trashcan (both virtual and otherwise), but there’s a new type of marketing venture that’s making waves: text message advertising.  Think about it: when was the last time you deleted a text without at least looking at it?  Additionally, text message marketing is easy to prepare – you only have to write up a 140-character message, and you’re on your way to a successful campaign.


Viral Video Marketing:  YouTube videos are extremely popular – and that holds marketing potential for business leaders who know how to make popular viral videos.  Simply upload an advertisement for your business (even a brief five-minute talk about something interesting in your industry will do), optimize it with your keywords, and voila – you’ll generate new leads before you even know it.


Using the power of reciprocity, you can use cheap fax services, text message marketing, and viral video marketing to impress your clients and generate some serious new business.



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