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Email Fax and Other Ways to Streamline Your Day

Email fax, time tracking software, and other online tools are out there waiting to help you streamline your work day – but if you haven’t had the luxury of discovering these tools, then it might feel like you’re never going to leave the workplace feeling satisfied that you got all your work down.


When it comes to being a successful business leader, you know it’s fundamental to streamline your workday.  After all, completing your work on time allows you go home with the weight of the workplace stresses off your shoulders.  And let’s not forget how easy it can be to position yourself for that raise or promotion when your organizational leaders see how efficient and productive you are with all of your projects.


So what can you as a business leader do to make your day more productive?


The Pressure of Business Leaders to Do More With Less Time


Let’s face it: as a business leader, there’s a lot of pressure on you to do more with your time.  Organizational leaders expect more and more from you, while your employees look to you to handle any issues and incidents that arise in the workplace.  With so much pressure on your shoulders, it’s no wonder you’re looking for more ways to streamline your workday.


So why has this happened – and what can business leaders do to keep up with the accelerating workplace?


Many experts point the finger at the Great Recession for the extra burden of work on professionals.  As organizations were forced to cut funding and employees, remaining workers found themselves taking on more work despite having fewer resources and materials to help.  And even though the economy staggers towards a recovery, many organizations have made little effort to help their overworked employees.


So if you’re looking for a way to streamline your workday and become more productive, you’re not alone.


The Productivity Tools You Need to Succeed


But short of asking for a clock that can stop time, it seems like there’s only so much you can do to streamline your workday.  Besides, you can’t exactly go around telling clients and employees to stop bursting in your office and calling you with interruptions.  You need to learn how to work with these interruptions and consistent tasks…


And luckily, there is a bevvy of tools that are designed to help you do exactly that.  From the art of the online fax to Internet time tracking software, here’s what you can do to streamline your workday:


  • Invest in an online fax service.  If you’ve never heard of this type of service, then you’re missing out on a great way to manage projects and send vital documents to employees without having to go through the stress of taking time out to actually send the faxes.  It might not seem like a timesaver, but consider this vital piece of information:  studies have shown that it takes a person almost twenty minutes to return to optimal productivity levels after an interruption.  That means that walk to the fax machine is actually taking more time out of your day than you think.


  • Speaking of interruptions, indulging in your quick online shopping habit during the workday might be taking up more time than you originally thought.  Let’s return back to that statistic about optimal productivity levels.  Let’s say you read your favorite blog for a couple of minutes during the morning and order some groceries online during the afternoon.  These activities themselves might not take up too much time, but it will take you a whopping total of 40 minutes to return to your ideal productivity levels.  If you add Facebook-checking to your average workday, this means that you’re losing an hour or even more to innocent Internet searchers.


To help keep you on the straight and narrow, it’s recommended that you invest in time tracking software.  This software sets a time limit on how long you can spend on certain websites before blocking it for the day.  If you don’t want to indulge your habit it all, there are other types of time tracking software that blocks the websites altogether.  This could be an ideal tool for business leaders who might not have the necessary willpower to tear themselves away from news sites and social media pages.


As you can see, technology can help you streamline your day and make you a more productive employee.  Assess your work habits and see what changes you can make.  If you spend a great deal of time online or you have a habit of chatting at the water cooler, make an effort to cut back.  Add these habits to your email fax service and time tracking software, and you’ll be completing all your work tasks in no time.





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