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How Moving Services Online Eases Employee Burdens

When it comes to easing the burden that’s often experienced by employees and staff members, many business owners may think it’s enough to simply offer financial benefits and incentives for doing hard work.  While these incentives can have a short-term impact – after all, who doesn’t like to receive a bonus with their average paycheck? – the point is that easing the work burden that’s often experienced by employees can result in long-term benefits, like increased work productivity, boosted employee morale, and more loyalty to the company.


One of the best ways to do this is to move your services online.  For example, rather than having your employees travel out of the office to meet employees, you could have them use web conferencing software.  If your employees are constantly stressed out by all the communications involved with vendors and clients, you could make things easier on them by installing email faxing software.  By making more services and technologies available online, you can help your employees streamline their work, which could result in the easing of their work burdens.


If you’re considering moving some of your services online in order to make things easier for your employees, then consider yourself to be part of a popular movement that was originally started by colleges who wanted to ease the burden of travel and cost on students.  This stunning phenomenon was recently explored in an article by the New York Times, which claimed that colleges were looking to use online materials to help students manage the struggle of an intensive course load (


“Dazzled by the potential of free online college classes, educators are now turning to the gritty task of harnessing online materials to meet the toughest challenges in American higher education: giving more students access to college, and helping them graduate on time.  Nearly half of all undergraduates in the United States arrive on campus needing remedial work before they can begin regular credit-bearing classes.  That early detour can be costly, leading many to drop out, often in heavy debt and with diminished prospects of finding a job.


“Meanwhile, shrinking state budgets have taken a heavy toll at public institutions, reducing the number of seats available in classes students must take to graduate.  In California alone, higher education cuts have left hundreds of thousands of college students without access to classes they need.  To address both problems and keep students on track to graduation, universities are beginning to experiment with adding the new ‘massive open online courses,’ created to deliver elite college instruction to anyone with an Internet connection, to their offerings.”


While these changes are certainly having an impact in the education world, many business owners may be wondering how these same lessons can be applied to the corporate world.  If you’re looking to embrace the online move within your own business, consider implementing the following strategies and software:


  1. Have more of your employees work from home using online software that allows them to remotely access their work desktops.  By doing this, employees will be able to spend more time with family members.  It also demonstrates your trust in your employees, which is essential for fostering an atmosphere of loyalty and cooperation within the workplace.



2. Invest in email faxing.  This is a unique online technology that allows your employees to send a fax to email, and vice versa.  For example, your employees can send an email to a recipient’s fax number, and they’ll receive it on their traditional fax machine.  This recipient can then send you a document through their fax machine, and you’ll receive it as an email thanks to your email faxing system.  It’s a great way to invest in advanced online communications that allow your employees to cut out the burden of sluggish communications.



3. Invest in web conferencing software.  This is a unique online tool that makes it possible for your employees to conduct business with vendors and clients located around the world – without even leaving the office.  This can be a great investment for businesses that are looking to cut down on travel expenses without necessarily cutting down on valuable face-to-face time with clients and vendors.


When it comes to easing the burden of work from your employees, don’t underestimate the power of shifting your services online.  By making it possible for your employees to meet with clients and vendors over web conferencing software and communicate with them through email faxing, you’re making it much easier for them to do their work.  When you’re able to do this, you can optimize the success of your employees, much like online education does for students around the world.


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