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Overlooked Benefits of Email Faxing

Whether you’ve heard of email faxing before or this is your first time learning about it, chances are that you’re a business leader looking for new and innovative ways to communicate to clients, vendors, and employees located all around the world.  After all, we live in an increasingly shifting global marketplace – and this means that you need to utilize technologies that keep up with the times.


Those business leaders who are still using traditional fax machines may want to reconsider their options, as more organizations are moving to conduct all business processes online.  This means that unless you’re utilizing the power of fax to email, you and your organization might be left behind in the cold.


But perhaps you’re hesitant to utilize this new faxing technology.  Maybe you’re fine with your current communication methods, or perhaps you’re not sure how it all works.  Nevertheless, it’s important to explore the many benefits of email faxing, including why it should make up an imperative component of any organization’s strategy for success.


The Key To Business Success


Before we explore the many benefits of a fax to email system, let’s take a closer look at why organizations who use this technology are often more successful than those who don’t use it:


  • Want to inspire confidence within your stakeholders and other relevant organizational leaders?  Then you’ll want to make Internet fax a part of your communication format.  Unlike traditional faxes, this online service is far more secure.  Just think about it: with a traditional fax, anyone who has access to the fax machine can pick up the paper you’ve just sent over and take a look.  If you’ve faxed confidential information – like product information or company billing details – you can encounter considerable security breaches.  By using a more secure online service, you’ll ensure that your information ends up where it’s supposed to – and that will make your stakeholders far more confident in your ability to conduct business.


  • If you want to ensure on-time delivery, then you’ll need to move your fax online.  The reason why is simple: you often can’t verify that the other party received your fax without getting a confirmation from the person yourself. This extra step makes traditional faxes an inconvenient method to use, as you’ll have to take an extra step to receive confirmation.  Add to the fact that you might tailspin into a panic if you don’t receive confirmation, and it’s no wonder sending faxes online just makes more sense.


Now that we’ve explored some of the biggest advantages of using an email faxing service within a business setting, let’s take a closer look at the specific benefits that come hand-in-hand with this technology:


  • There’s no hardware or software involved in sending a fax over the Internet.  This can come as a considerable relief to companies that are looking to save time and money, especially in light of the fragile economic climate.  All you need to send a fax online is an Internet browser and a computer – and that’s it!  That means no more expensive office equipment that takes up so much of your office space with little return for your investment.


  • Want to stay environmentally friendly?  Not a problem: fax to email services are completely paperless, which means you won’t have to spend a great deal of money on office supplies.  You also won’t have to deal with the hassle of recycling office paper, which can free up your time for other tasks – like running a successful business!


  • You can send faxes on the go.  While traditional fax machines require that you send faxes right from the behemoth machinery located in your office, this new service can be utilized whenever you have Internet access.  Whether you want to send a client a fax on your mobile phone or want to send over important contracts to a vendor by your tablet, all you need is an Internet connection to get business started.


  • You can send and receive faxes at the same time.  Add to the fact that you can do this with more than one fax at the same time, and it’s no wonder business leaders are impressed by fax to email technology.


  • You’ll experience a significant reduction in costs, especially when it comes to your telephone bill.  After all, if you don’t need to have a separate telephone line to operate your fax machine, this means you don’t need it on your phone bill.  As a business leader, you can appreciate how much these savings can add up over the course of a fiscal year.


Whether you’re running a major corporation with offices all over the world or operating a small business with a rabid local fan base, email faxing can help you accomplish your most important strategic and operational goals.




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