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How to Boost Morale at Work: A Study By Yahoo

When it comes to boosting morale at work, many business leaders often think in the box.  From promotions and bonuses to pizza parties in the office, these morale boosters can certainly provide a short-term uplift in employee attitude – but this often fades away, as they’re usually not very effective.  After all, if the business has ingrained habits that make it tough for employees to be happy, it can be difficult to permanently lift morale to the point where employees are more productive and happy.


This common problem is exactly why Yahoo! made the news recently, thanks to an innovative approach to boosting morale.  This approach was started by Yahoo! chief Marissa Mayer, who is determined to duplicate the success she found when she worked at Google.  Whether that will occur remains to be seen, but this unique approach to boosting employee morale is certainly one that should be noted.


According to The Telegraph, Mayer is planning on making gifts to employees who have babies, or adopt puppies and kittens as part of a campaign to bolster morale at Yahoo!.  According to the news article (, “ ‘[Yahoo! has] been very focused on making [our company] the absolute best place to work,’ a spokesman for the company said in an email response to an AFP inquiry.  ‘Over the last several months, we’ve introduced new benefits like free food to make Yahoo!’s days easier, new smartphones to encourage innovation, and updated computers to speed productivity.’


“The latest benefits were aimed mostly at fledgling parents.  ‘New child leave’ was extended to eight weeks and Yahoo! will allow employees to spend up to $500 on ‘daily habits’ such as food, laundry, takeaways and childcare.  Yahoo! will also give employees gift packages for babies or new cats and dogs taken into homes.”


This represents a new and exciting approach to boosting employee morale because it acknowledges that employees need more than financial incentives to do work – they need long-term support from their companies.  Extended parental leave, gifts for babies and new animals, and improved technology show that companies are truly devoted to the success of their employees.  This represents new understanding of how the 21st century employee operates.  It’s not about financial incentives anymore; it’s about working with a company who truly values your skills and abilities.


However, not all businesses will be able to offer these same incentives.  After all, Yahoo! is one of the biggest companies in the world – and that means they have the budget to support these new incentives.  With this in mind, let’s explore some options that smaller businesses can use in order to motivate employees without spending the kind of money that Yahoo! has:


  • Yahoo! introduced new computers to their employees in order to speed up productivity.  If you can’t afford the cost of new computers, you can certainly still increase your employees’ productivity levels by introducing them to an online fax service.  By sending a fax online, your employees will be able to communicate with vendors and clients who may be located around the world.  Your employee can use an online fax service like they would an email; all they have to do is upload a document and send it to the recipient’s email address or traditional fax machine number.  To make this even better, your vendor or client can send you a fax from their fax machine, and you’ll receive it straight in your email box.  As you can see, sending a fax online is an easier way to conduct business.


  • Web conferencing software represents an excellent way to do business with others.  If you find that your business budget is being eaten up by the cost of traveling, all you need to do is install web conferencing software within your employees’ computers.  As long as your computer has a web camera, you and your employees can hold virtual meetings with anyone located around the world.  This makes it possible to cut down on the cost of business travel without sacrificing the face-to-face time you need with clients and vendors.


When it comes to increasing employee morale, however, don’t underestimate the power of providing them with your support.  Your employees don’t see you as a provider of paychecks – they see you as a brand that they’d like to stay loyal to.  If you make the company an inclusive family that supports one another, you’ll be able to retain more employees and increase productivity, much like Yahoo! has done.


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