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Moving Your Fax Service Online

When it comes to running a successful small business, you know what you need to do to stand out from the crowd.  You know that brand visibility is incredibly important to growing sales and encouraging customer loyalty, which is why you invest in social media marketing and online advertising.  You understand that superior products can help establish your company’s expertise, which is why you’re committed to enhancing your product’s usability and appearance.  Finally, you know that happy employees are those that are invested in your company’s success, which is why you provide plenty of leadership opportunities.


But did you know that your business technologies also play a crucial role in encouraging and enhancing your business’s growth?


It’s true:  if your business is attempting to do 21st century business with 20th century technology, you’re holding yourself back from achieving optimal levels of performance.  That’s why business leaders should be just as committed to vital small business updates, like moving your fax service online, developing online webinars, and making the most out of social media marketing.


Before we explore the vital small business updates you should be engaging in, let’s explore why using older technologies can hold your business back from real success.


Operating in a 21st Century World


While it’s important to save your business a significant amount of money, the truth is that if your savings are being generated by your refusal to update your technologies, you may end up suffering for it in the long-term.  Operating 20th century technologies in a 21st century world makes it practically impossible to keep up with the ever-changing demands of technology and marketing.  With more customers than ever looking to make purchasing decisions based on online marketing and social media platform use, it’s vital for businesses to have the technologies that support advanced and efficient marketing techniques.


Here are a few other disadvantages associated with operating old technology in a 21st-century world:


  • It’s nearly impossible to develop new and improved product lines when you’re using older technologies and resources.  At some point, your product production will hit the proverbial glass ceiling – and unless you can enhance your manufacturing technologies, your profits will hit a ceiling as well.


  • Your customers are expecting you to use new and innovative technologies.  Therefore, if your workplace technologies don’t meet their expectations, they may be tempted to take their business elsewhere.  You may think that your outdated technologies are hidden from your customers, but your website, social media marketing, and brand visibility efforts all reflect your company’s grasp of technology.


  • Outdated technology within your workplace makes it difficult to engage in lightening-fast business practices that dominate today’s global marketplace.  If your technologies can’t support sudden massive orders of your products or your service can’t be turned around quickly enough, you’ll lose out on valuable profits – money that will end up in the profit margins of your biggest competitors.


Now that you know some of the biggest disadvantages associated with using outdated technologies, let’s examine the vital business updates you can implement within your organization right now.


Online Fax Services:  It’s time to get rid of that clunky fax machine within your office, because mobile fax represents one of the best ways to do business.  Mobile fax allows you to send and protect sensitive documents without needing a separate phone line, fax machine or tons of office paper.  Add to the fact that mobile fax allows you to send faxes from your mobile phone, tablet, and laptop, and it’s no wonder more savvy business leaders are harnessing the profit-building power of online fax services.


Online Webinars:  Customers are looking to learn vital information about your particular industry – and if you can meet this demand by uploading online webinars, then potential clients will begin to regard you as an expert in your industry.  Enhancing your brand’s expertise can lead to a significant boost in your company’s income – and once you implement online webinars within your Internet marketing strategies, you should begin to experience these fantastic benefits.


Social Media Marketing:  If done properly, social media marketing represents some of the most efficient ways of building up a loyal clientele base – and turning those followers into lucrative customers.  Effective social media marketing can only be done by companies who use up-to-date technologies to track social media ROI and lead generation quality.


Moving your fax services online and investing in significant Internet technologies can have a profound impact on your company’s bottom line.  With this in mind, it’s important for business leaders to commit to updating vital business services – like investing in a mobile fax service – as this can lead to an astonishing leap in income, brand visibility, and customer loyalty to your company.



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