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Business Solutions For Those On The Go

In today’s global economy, more people are doing business on the road and around the country.  While technology has certainly made it possible for business to be conducted virtually, more employees and business owners are finding that they still have to travel on the road to get business done.  From business owners visiting vendors overseas to salespeople visiting clients to close a sale, it’s vital for business people to be able to conduct everyday office life while they’re on the road.


It’s not just traditional businesspeople conducting their activities on the road; in fact, more industries are taking advance of technology that allows them to do work wherever they are.  For example, take a look at this article from Market Watch, which highlights how wedding planners are using mobile technology when bustling from client to client (


“It is high season for the growing wedding industry – the average wedding costs over $28,000 and is at its highest level since 2008.  With June being the most popular month for American weddings, bridal businesses are saying ‘I Do’ to mobile apps and cloud services that help them plan the perfect event.


“From using mobile apps to sign and fax contracts on the go, to a virtual phone service that can route calls from a business number to a cell, home or other phone, small business owners who specialize in event planning, including photographers, planners, coordinators and wedding officials, can manage the busy season while working on the go.”


While this is just an example of one particular industry conducting business on the go, it’s still important to note one crucial aspect of this: if you’re a busy professional whose job puts you out on the road a lot, you can’t afford to miss the business that’s being conducted back in the office.  That’s why it’s critical to have the most mobile technology possible with you, as this makes it possible for you to keep your business day going without viewing client meetings and on-the-road necessities as a distraction to everyday professional life.


So what are some of the technologies you should keep in your arsenal of tools?  Take a look:


  1. Mobile Fax:  Whether you’re an event planner or a salesperson, chances are that you find yourself on the road a lot.  With this in mind, it’s critical for professionals to have a mobile fax app on their smartphones.  This makes it possible for business people to send and receive faxes, all straight from their smartphone.  This technology might seem like it’s out of the future, but it actually works a lot like an email address.  A fax service online makes it possible for you to send a fax to a recipient who has a traditional fax machine; after the person has signed the contact, he or she can send it back to you, and you’ll receive it as a mobile fax.  This makes it possible for you to send and receive contracts on the go, which is critical to salespeople and other business people that work in a fast-paced industry.  After all, waiting for contacts to be signed can put your business on hold – but a fax service online can accelerate that business again.


2. FaceTime or Skype:  These mobile solutions make it possible for you to conduct face-to-face meetings even when you’re on the road (but please, not literally – focus on driving!).  These mobile apps allow you to use the camera in your phone to have a face-to-face meeting with another person who has the same software.  This software allows you to conduct these face-to-face meetings wherever you are, be it at a restaurant or as you’re about to board a plane.


3. Call Forwarding:  Let’s face it: when clients and vendors call your office phone, you don’t want to miss their potential business because they’re frustrated they can’t get in touch with you.  That’s why call forwarding is a great tool to have, as it allows all calls from your office to be forwarded straight to your cell phone.  With this service (usually available through your phone carrier), you won’t ever have to worry about missing an important call because you’re out of the office.


When it comes to conducting a successful business, you don’t have to feel like your off-site meetings and appointments are a burden or a distraction.  Get tools like cheap fax services, FaceTime and call forwarding to ensure that your business is moving the exact same pace that you are.


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