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Countries That Have The Biggest Global Impact on the Environment

When it comes to keeping the planet green and healthy, Americans might think that we have the rest of the world beat.  After all, America is the country that utilizes tax credits for environment-friendly homes, celebrates Earth Day every April, and makes a commitment to recycle our plastic containers, cardboard, and glass.


However, recent research reveals that the United States might not be the greenest country in the world – and some of our attitudes toward the environment might prove why the country hasn’t taken the top spot.  In fact, readers might be surprised to learn that America is right at the very bottom of the list.


According to researchers at the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute in Australia (one of the greenest countries in the world), Brazil and American both ranked as two of the worst countries for environmental impact.  This means that America is impacting the environment on a global level, making it difficult for the world to take concrete steps to lessen such globally damaging environmental practices.


The researchers used seven indicators to determine which countries had the biggest negative impact on the environment.  These indicators include the following:


  • Natural forest loss:  Brazil clearly takes the top spot here, as deforestation practices are clearing out acres of the Amazon rainforest at an astonishing rate.  However, America’s own deforestation practices – to make room for farmland and other industries – has put the country down towards the bottom of this list.


  • Habitat conversion:  This indicator means that natural areas – like forests, beach areas and other natural spots – are being turned into shopping malls and industrial complexes.  America ranked highly on the habitat conversion list, meaning that more natural areas are being turned into industrial parks.


  • Fisheries and other marine captures:  America didn’t rank as highly as other countries in this indicator; however, it still ranked towards the bottom of the list for this critical element for determining environmental impact.


  • Water Pollution:  Environmental researchers often indicate that America is one of the worst water polluters, thanks to discarded garbage into rivers and oceans.


  • Carbon Emissions from Land Use; and


  • Species Threat.


These indicators help environmental researchers to determine two factors: which countries have the most environmental impact on a local level, and which have more impact on a global level.  In terms of the latter, the top 10 worst environmental performers are as follows:


  1. Brazil
  2. USA
  3. China
  4. Indonesia
  5. Japan
  6. Mexico
  7. India
  8. Russia
  9. Australia
  10. Peru


The study, which was conducted in collaboration with Princeton University, concluded that the more wealthy a country was, the more likely it was to have an environmental impact on both global and local levels.


Given this alarming information, it’s clear that Americans need to take great efforts to lessen their carbon footprint on the environment.  With this in mind, here are what individuals and business owners can do to contribute to a greener environment:


  1. Set up a paperless office.  Thanks to advanced technologies, it’s now easier than ever for businesses to work without paper.  Consider email faxing, which is a new service that makes it possible for people to send faxes without even using paper.  The service utilizes fax to email technology, which means it’s possible to send a fax document just like you would an email.  What’s more, email faxing makes it possible to send an email to a fax machine and ensure that it’s completely secure.  In terms of environmental impact, the paperless nature of fax to email makes it possible for offices and home offices to go paperless, thus reducing a person’s carbon footprint.


2. Businesses can utilize technologies to ensure that more employees can work from home.  Project dashboard software, shared servers, and dropboxes make it possible for employees to send documents, post updates about projects, and upload comments for other employees to see.


3. Individuals and businesses can ensure that their carbon footprint is neutralized by donating money to “green” charities whenever they travel.  Consider calculating your carbon footprint based on the number of miles you’re traveling, and donate half of that amount to a green charity of your choice.  It’s a great way to ensure that “green” charities get the resources they need to continue lessening the environmental impact of people and businesses.  It’s also tax-deductible, which is a definite advantage for businesses that want to give to charity without eating into the bottom line.


As America is one of the worst offenders in terms of global environmental impact, it should be everyone’s goal to lessen their carbon footprint.  By utilizing email faxing services, work-from-home software, and donating to green charities, individuals and businesses can help ensure that the world stays beautiful for generations to come.


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