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Improving Employee Productivity with Internet Fax

When it comes to making the most of your employees’ productivity, you might think you need to offer exclusively financial benefits.  After all, the workplace is primed to make business leaders think that way.  Pay raises, promotions, and bonuses are action-based forms of compensation that encourage the employee to achieve high levels of performance and productivity.


But what happens if your business doesn’t have enough money to offer financial incentives to all of your employees?  What if you need your employees to increase their productivity without offering them financial incentives?


In order to increase workplace productivity, it’s vital for business leaders to understand what hinders employee performance in the first place – and what can be used to unlock productivity without needing additional compensation.  From Internet fax services to online project management software, business leaders can utilize a number of services that can help employees achieve their optimum performance levels.


What’s Dragging Your Employees’ Productivity Down?


Before you can examine an online fax service and other tools for increasing employee productivity, it’s vital to understand why workplace performance is lacking in the first place.  By understanding the root of lagging performance, business leaders can make accurate and quick adjustments to encourage employee motivation.


There may be a number of personal reasons why a specific employee is having trouble achieving a minimum standard of productivity.  However, if your team is suffering as a whole, it could be a result of any one of these reasons:


  • Your projects are not being properly planned.  Your employees may be fighting an uphill battle, especially if deadlines are improperly planned and resources aren’t available at the beginning of a project.  Think about it this way: if your employees have to spend precious project time chasing down resources and working overtime to meet an aggressive deadline, chances are that they’ll eventually suffer from burnout.  Therefore, in order to increase employee productivity, it’s vital to utilize tools that help you properly plan out manageable project deadlines and make project resources available before implementation.


  • Your employees are using sub-par tools and resources to conduct projects.  Technology, tools, and equipment play a crucial role in helping your employees achieve their optimum performance levels.  If your employees are using computers from the early 2000s to conduct work that requires the latest software, the technology lag can seriously weigh down on your employees’ abilities to perform their best work.


While there are many additional reasons why your employees might be suffering from low productivity levels, these are the two main reasons that business leaders can immediately correct.  As you can see, these solutions will require some financial investment; however, the resulting productivity your employees experience will make the investment well worth it.


Productivity-Boosting Tools You Can Find Now


If you want to improve workplace productivity now, here are the tools you can introduce to your employees:


Internet fax:  Days spent standing idly by the fax machine waiting for a transmission to go through are done, thanks to this online fax service.  Internet fax works just like email: you simply need to scan the document, upload it to the fax service, and send it to either an email address or a traditional fax number.  What’s more, sending an Internet fax is much more secure than using a traditional fax service, as you don’t have to worry that prying eyes will see your documents lying around.


Project Management Software:  Online software can help your employees manage projects much more efficiently.  This kind of software allows your team members to upload project documents, submit public messages, keep track of project progress, and notify all team members when project milestones have been met.  Project management software is especially beneficial for business leaders who work with virtual teams or contractors located in different areas.


Telecommuting Software:  Contrary to popular belief, employees who work from home a day or two each week are more productive than employees who work the traditional 9 to 5, Monday through Friday shift at the office.  This is because employees are much more likely to be happy and have an excellent work-life balance when they’re allowed to work from home.  This is crucial for maintaining productive and enthusiastic employees without necessarily resorting to financial compensation.


Invest In Internet Fax and Other Productive Tools Today


You don’t have to spend your bottom line just to encourage your employees to work harder.  By giving them access to productivity-boosting tools like an online fax service, project management software, and telecommuting software, you’ll give them the technologies they need to make their workday more efficient, motivated, and, best of all, productive.  Best of all, it won’t cost you a small fortune to invest in Internet fax and other productivity tools, which makes these a great option for small business leaders.


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