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Leading a Virtual Team with Internet Fax Service

Leading a virtual team with Internet fax and other tools is one of the best ways to ensure that your employees – no matter where they’re located – will be able to provide you with a high level of service and work that have made you such a successful industry leader.


The demand for tools meant specifically for virtual teams should come as no surprise.  As the workplace becomes increasingly global, more business leaders are discovering that they’re working with virtual teams, as opposed to employees within the office.  In addition to the popularity of telecommuting (otherwise known as working from home), more businesses are working with vendors and suppliers from around the world.  If this sounds familiar to you, then you realize that virtual tools are imperative to conducting successful projects and streamlining organizational processes.


After all, if a supplier is providing you with a material that’s crucial to your business’s success, it makes sense that you want them to be involved within your organization, whether they’re located in Germany or Guam!


In this article, I’ll discuss the many tools that are essential for leading a virtual team. This will make it easier for business leaders to work with virtual teams and suppliers who may be located on the other side of the world.


Before we dive into these essential tools, however, let’s take a look at the many challenges of working with a virtual team.  This should give you a better idea of why you absolutely need to get your hands on high-quality virtual management tools, like a dependable fax service and project management software.


The Challenges of Working with a Virtual Team


As a business leader, you know what it takes to be successful in the workplace.  But when your workplace is located all over the world, you might be flustered by all the new challenges you’ll have to deal with, including the following:


  • If you’re relying on emails to communicate to your virtual team, then you already know that it’s a hassle having multiple email chains.  But don’t think you can swap those out for phone calls, as you need a written record of things that are said.


  • Speaking of phone calls, it can be very difficult to set up phone calls with people who live in another time zone.  After all, it’s nearly impossible to set up a phone call during business hours with someone who lives in Australia and you’re located in New York!


  • It can be difficult to keep track of employee progress on projects.  This means that you’re more at risk of missing deadlines and milestones, as you can’t necessarily guarantee that your employees will deliver on time and within budget.


Now that you know about the many challenges of working with a virtual team, let’s take a quick look at the tools that can help you surmount these common obstacles.


Critical Online Tools For Virtual Teams


Want to manage your virtual team better without the hassle of time zones and travel expenses?  Then take a look at these indispensible online tools:


Fax Service:  This isn’t your father’s faxing service; today’s faxes can be sent to a printer, fax machine or computer with just a click of the mouse button.  Simply scan a document or upload it from a folder on your computer, hit “send” and your virtual team members will be looking at your documents in no time at all.


Project Management Software:  This generation’s online software makes it possible for you and your virtual team members to track progress on a project, log work time, and quickly shoot messages to one another that the entire team can see.  This means you can avoid the hassle of email chains while ensuring that your virtual team members are working hard to get their work done.


Shared Company Servers:  If you work with a larger company, you may be able to dedicate a specific part of your company’s website to your virtual team.  This means that your employees can upload projects and work completed without worrying about security risks, as shared company servers are generally more secure than email.  This can be an expensive investment, so make sure that it’s appropriate for your business.


Teleconferencing Software:  Need to hold a face-to-face meeting with your virtual team members?  Eliminate the travel expense by opting for teleconferencing software.  This is a great option for business leaders who miss the face-to-face interactions of meetings, although you’ll still need to plan around time zones and scheduling to hold online meetings.  Therefore, be sure to consider if this is an appropriate option for your company.


When it comes to managing your virtual team members, it pays to invest in Internet fax service and other tools that are meant specifically for business leaders and employees located around the world!



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