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The Tools Every Freelancer Needs to Succeed

You’ve finally done it: you made the jump from the 9 to 5 world to the freelancing/consulting world, and you couldn’t be happier.  Now you’ll have time to spend with your loved ones as you build and grow a successful business right from your home office.  You can’t wait to get started with your consulting career, and you predict nothing but success and wealth for decades to come.


However, all these dreams could amount to nothing if you don’t have the tools necessary for moving your career forward.  As a freelancer/consultant, you’ll be dealing with businesses and clients who expect you to be using technology that’s just as advanced as those of larger companies.  You may discover that if you can’t deliver, you’ll end up losing clients who want to work with a more established freelancer.


To ensure that you’re setting up your freelancing career for success, take a look at the tools you need – and why they’re critical to establishing a career that will last for years to come.


Internet Faxing:  If you decided to forgo investing in a fax machine because it’s too expensive, you may want to reconsider your options.  However, don’t head to the office supply store to buy a clunky fax machine; instead, invest in Internet faxing.  This is a new type of service that allows users to send a fax from the computer, rather than sending it from a clunky fax machine.  Internet faxing makes it possible for you to send faxes to email addresses as well as fax machines, which is perfect for dealing with clients who have both 20th and 21st century technologies.  Freelancers should get their hands on Internet faxing software for the following reasons:


  • Internet faxing is much more secure than using traditional fax services.  Think about it: if you send a non-disclosure agreement through a traditional fax machine, there’s no real guarantee that your recipient will get it without someone else looking at the details of your contract.  Fax from computer is much more secure and efficient, as you can send contracts and NDAs without worrying that other people will look at them.


  • Fax from computer can make it possible for you to send contracts, have them signed, and sent back to you within the business day.  This is incredibly crucial for freelancers that work in fast-paced industries.  For example, if you’re a web designer that needs to turn around a project within a week, you can’t afford to wait around for a couple business days waiting for the client o sign your contract.


Internet faxing is efficient and affordable, so make sure you have this tool by your side.


Video Conferencing Software:  Unless you already have a million-dollar budget that allows for international travel (and if so, congrats on your consulting career!), you’re not going to be able to meet with all of your clients.  However, marketing experts continually expound the virtues of the face-to-face meeting.  When you’re a consultant generating all of your work online, prospective customers have no idea who you are – all they know is your name and the information that’s contained on your website.


Face-to-face meetings also give your clients the opportunity to pick up on valuable body language cues.  Email and phone calls can be efficient for communicating a quick message, but they can often make it difficult to conduct a success meeting.  If your clients can see you smile, gesture with your hands, and actively listen to what they have to say, you can be sure they’ll be more comfortable doing business with you.  After all, they’ll be able to connect the name and website of your business to an actual face – and that can result in a more confident and trusting client.


Web conferencing software can also make it possible for you to conduct meetings with more than one client at a time.  For example, if you’re discussing copy with a team from a bigger company, you’ll be able to meet with everyone over web conferencing software.  This makes it possible for you to do business far more efficiently, which is an important element of a successful freelancing/consulting career.


Like with Internet faxing, video conferencing software can also be affordable to use.  Therefore, don’t let a limited freelancer budget hold you back from taking advantage of this critical technology.


Technologies can play a fundamental role in a freelancer or consultant’s success.  Therefore, if you don’t have these two technologies by your side already, consider making the investment now – because it will certainly pay off in the future.


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