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The Amazing Things Your Smartphone Can Do

Just a decade ago, phones were just that: phones.  They didn’t do anything special.  They didn’t have access to the Internet.  They even have traditional dialing keyboards.  They were only used to make phone calls to family members, friends, and to clients.


Fast forward just five years later, and the first smartphone was introduced to the market (that’s the iPhone, for all those who remember the great iPhone craze of 2007/2008).  The smartphone was an incredibly revolutionary new piece of technology because it made it possible go to online, download apps, and read email all with just the touch of a finger.  In fact, critics commented that the smartphone was less a phone, and more of a small computer you could fit in your jeans pocket.


Enter the year 2013, and it’s immediately obvious that we rely on our smartphones to do everything for us.  Smartphones allow people to listen to music on the go, get the news wherever they are, and share pictures with family members and friends without even accessing their computers.


But there are some amazing things you can do with your smartphone that would impress even the most nonchalant smartphone user.  With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at all the amazing things your smartphone can do.


  1. Send a mobile fax.  If you think that you have to use massive fax machines to send a fax to clients or customers, think again.  It’s possible to send a mobile fax straight from your smartphone, thanks to a fax service online.  This type of online software allows you to scan or take a picture of a document, upload it to a shared server, or send it to an email address.  You can even use a fax service online to send a fax to a traditional fax number.  For example, if you have to send a fax to a client who only has a traditional fax machine, you can still do that by sending a mobile fax.


A mobile fax is a great tool to have on your smartphone because it makes it possible for you to conduct work wherever you go.  Whether you’re on the bus after work or traveling for business purposes, you can simply send faxes back to the office or to a client straight from your smartphone.  In today’s efficient and fast-paced world, it pays to have a service on your smartphone that allows you to upgrade your faxing experience – and mobile fax can do exactly that.


2. Book a taxi.  If you’re sick of looking for tax services online and calling up a number – or just hailing a taxi right off the street – your smartphone is about to make things a lot easier for you.  There are loads of phone apps that make it possible for you to book a taxi for this exact moment or schedule one to come to your home or office in the future.  What makes these phone apps so special is that you can save your credit card info in the app so payments can be made as soon as you book the taxi.  You can even put the tip on your card, which means you don’t have to worry about having enough cash for the taxi anymore.  Best of all, you can even book a black cab, a limo or a party bus from your phone app and pay for it all without even taking out your wallet.


3. Make a Cup of Coffee:  Let’s face it – in the morning, there’s nothing you want more than a steaming hot cup of coffee.  But who wants to get out of bed to make the coffee?  Thanks to your smartphone, you don’t have to – because you can simply use an app to let your coffeemaker know to start making coffee.  This is a great phone app to use on those cold winter mornings when you need the scent of coffee to wake you up, or for those busy mornings when you don’t have time to make a fresh pot of coffee.  With an app like this, you’ll be convinced you have an in-house maid.  Make sure that you buy the relevant coffeemaker with this phone app, as it doesn’t work with every type of coffee maker on the market today.


When it comes to using your smartphone, it pays to think outside the box.  These are just a few examples of the amazing things you can do with your smartphone.  From sending a mobile fax to making a cup of coffee in the morning, you’ll be asking yourself this one pivotal question:


Is there nothing your smartphone can’t do?


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