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Online Fax Services And Other Ways To Save Your Business Money

When it comes to saving your small business money, you’re looking for concrete answers.  After all, part of being a successful entrepreneur involves doing more with your dollar – but sometimes that might not seem like enough.  If you’re scrimping and saving, but still not coming up with the money necessary to investing in new projects and products, you’ll need new and creative ways to save your business money without undermining the success of your organization.


However, some of the best ways to save your business a considerable amount of money doesn’t always involve traditional methods.  We’ll explore how online fax services, text message marketing, testimonials, and other savvy business moves can save your company time and a great deal of coin.


Why More Businesses Are Busting Their Budgets


It’s important to note that if you’re looking for ways to save your company money, you’re not alone.  More large corporations and small businesses are determined to do more with less for a myriad of complex reasons.  Before we explore these great ways to save your business money, let’s take a closer look at why more companies are feeling the pinch, as this may help you and your stakeholders identify new ways to save money:


  • While the Great Recession may have hit the economy back in 2008, we’re still feeling the aftereffects in 2013 and beyond.  Companies that survived the aftermath of the economic crash may still be struggling to grow profits and expand product lines in a stagnant marketplace.  With the current state of the economic climate, it’s no wonder more businesses are looking to maintain normal operations on a more conservative budget.


  • In today’s day and age, the most successful companies are those who can dominate in the online marketing game.  However, Internet marketing isn’t the cheapest advertising endeavor around, especially if companies are particularly new to the game.  SEO campaigns, PPC advertising, and social media marketing can be a serious drain on company finances if not conducted properly.  To make matters worse, the cost of hiring an SEO expert or employee dedicated to online marketing can pose a significant budget strain for smaller businesses.


  • Current socio-political shifts have made many businesses nervous, and for good reason.  With severe cuts being made all over the world (including within most European nations), it’s clear that the economy isn’t going to experience any sudden prosperous growth anytime soon.  This shifting change has made many businesses wary of investing more money, in case cuts end up stagnating the economy even further.  This is why many companies are looking to operate on a conservative budget, rather than run the risk of running out of a financial safety net in case the economy dips again.


Now that we’ve explored some of the reasons why businesses are looking to do more with less money, let’s take a look at a few budget-savvy technologies and methods that can be implemented within your business today.


Fax Software and Other Surprising Budget Savers


You might be surprised at some of the biggest money savers that businesses can implement within their own organizational processes and procedures.  These technologies and tools can include:


Online Fax Services: When it comes to saving significant money on office expenses and technologies, fax software is an incredibly valuable piece of technology.  Online fax services make it possible for business leaders to send sensitive and valuable information to vendors, employees, and clients around the world – without even needing a traditional fax machine.  With just the click of a button, you can send a document to the other party’s computer, thus eliminating the need for paper, heavy machinery, and a separate phone line.


Text Message Marketing:  This type of advertising venture can be much cheaper than traditional marketing and advertising, with much higher returns for your original investment.  Think about it: when was the last time you ignored a text you received on your phone?  People are much more likely to view and respond to text messages than they are to read advertisements sent through the mail and by email.  While you certainly still need to make the financial investment, the point of this money-savvy move is that you’ll start seeing significant returns on your investment much sooner than you would via traditional direct marketing methods.


Customer Testimonials:  If you want to save yourself even more money in your marketing and advertising, consider asking your best customers if they will contribute testimonials to your next campaign.  It’s much cheaper than hiring an advertising expert, and customer testimonials are much more trusted than any other type of marketing venture.


As you can see, online fax services, text message marketing and customer testimonials represent a great way to save your company the money it needs without undermining its success.



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