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New Technologies That Have Made the News

It seems like every day there’s a new and exciting technological advance that makes us certain we’ll be living on different planets within the next 100 years.  From private space trips to technological devices that make it possible for you to tell your coffee maker to make you a hot beverage while you’re still lying in bed, there are new advances being released to the public everyday.


One of the most exciting news announcements was the launch of Virgin Galactic, a brainchild of billionaire Sir Richard Branson.  As the founder and CEO of Virgin (with brands including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Mobile, and other innovative services), Branson has made it his business to be the best at everything he does.  From cell phones to luxury flights and everything in between, Branson’s M.O. has always been the first to offer a unique and exciting experience to consumers that may not otherwise have access to it.


And now he’s prepared to offer one of the most thrilling services of all, in the form of a space flight.


Virgin Galactic represents Branson’s efforts to launch into commercial space tourism.  His dreams of being the first entrepreneur to offer customers the opportunity to travel into space was one step closer after a rocket test over the Mojave desert, where a test pilot cracked the sound barrier.


According to the Los Angeles Times (,0,213618.story), “the company’s SpaceShipTwo engaged its rocket motor and sped to Mach 1.2 and reached 56,000 feet in altitude…’The first powered flight of Virgin Spaceship Enterprise was without any doubt our single most important flight test to date,’ said Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, in a statement. ‘Today’s supersonic success opens the way for a rapid expansion of the spaceship’s powered flight envelope, with a very realistic goal of full space flight by the year’s end.’”


This is an exciting news announcement that means customers could be able to see all the wonders of space without having to go through the rigors and schooling that’s involved in becoming an astronaut.  However, would-be customers of Virgin Galactic should start saving their pennies now, as space flights are estimated to be incredibly expensive (reports have circulated that Branson could charge anywhere between $100,000 and $1 million per passenger for a short flight).


While this technological advancement is still years in the making, it got us to wondering a pivotal question: What other technologies are in existence today that are exciting, innovative, and help make life a little easier for everyone?


  1. If you’re sick of using the traditional fax machine, then you’ll be delighted to learn that the online fax is a new and intuitive technology that makes it possible to send faxes on the go.  It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t  it’s no more complicated than sending an email, in fact.  Email fax works by sending a fax to a recipient’s email address or their traditional fax number, which means this technology is still perfect if you’re working with a client or office who still uses a traditional fax machine.  What’s more, someone can send you a fax from their traditional fax machine, and you’ll receive it as an online fax.


Email fax is exciting an innovative because it represents a new approach to communicating with businesses.  Online fax can be sent by laptop, tablet, or even on your mobile phone, which makes email fax the perfect solution for any busy professional.


2. If you’ve ever forgotten to program your coffee maker to make you a fresh brew, you don’t need to get out of bed extra early in the mornings.  In fact, if you keep your mobile phone by your bed at night, a simple push of a button can get your coffee ready to go.  As you may already know, smartphone apps make it possible for you to do a lot of things – including sending an online fax – and now there’s an app that makes it possible for you to program your coffee maker to start brewing up a fresh cup of coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning.  You need to buy a coffee maker that can use the app in order to enjoy this benefit, but trust us – when you can smell a brewing cup of coffee when you’re snuggled between your sheets on a cold morning, it will definitely be worth it.


These new technologies may range the scale in terms of advancement, but they all have the same result: they provide us with a great deal of excitement about the future.  From online fax to sending customers to space, there’s no limit to what we can do thanks to the latest technologies.


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