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Online Fax and Other Secure Forms of Communication

When it comes to conducting a successful business, you want to ensure that all your communications are absolutely secure.  This is especially critical for businesses that deal with sensitive information and products, like innovative software companies or intellectual property corporations.  With that in mind, it’s absolutely vital for business leaders to ensure that all communications are absolutely secure – both internally and external to the organization.


That’s why it’s fundamental for business leaders to learn more about online fax and other secure forms of communication.  These vital technologies can ensure that you can communicate with employees across the world…


Without risking the security of your messages!


Before we learn more about email fax and other confidential communication methods, let’s take a look at why the need for secure messages has skyrocketed over the years.


Protect The Product, Protect The Business


Even as far back as just a decade ago, businesses were able to send emails and messages to one another without too much concern over who was reading the content.  However, two factors have lead to the increasing need for security within workplace emails and business-to-business communications:


  • The explosion of the virtual workplace.  As companies look for new and inventive ways to save money, working from home has become an increasingly attractive and viable option.  However, this means that less secure home computers and Internet browsers are dealing with sensitive company information – and this can quickly become compromised.


  • In addition to the factor described above, companies are doing more business within a global marketplace.  As an organization, you may discover that you have to do business with a client from Asia in the morning, and interface with a designer in London during the afternoon.  This means that confidential information is being introduced to more external members of the organization, which increases the risks for exposure.


Add to the fact that more companies are developing products and services that are protected by intellectual copyright law, and it’s no wonder business leaders are looking for more secure forms of communication.


Email Fax and Other Confidential Communications


With this in mind, let’s take a look at the communication methods that business leaders can use in order to keep their messages and files secure:


  • Online fax is quickly becoming one of the preferred methods of safe and secure communication, especially as the Internet replaces the phone as one of the preferred methods of contacting vendors and clients.  With this type of faxing service, employees can simply send a fax using the Internet.  This carries several advantages with it, including the following:


  • There’s no hardware or software necessary; faxes can be sent from an Internet browser
  • There’s no telephone line that’s required, unlike with the traditional fax machine
  • It’s involves paperless communications, which is environmentally friendly and reduces excess office expenses
  • Business leaders can receive faxes from a variety of Internet-savvy devices, including tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and more.


As you can see, the email fax is quickly becoming the preferred method of secure communication, for the very reasons listed above.


  • Shared corporate servers are a great way to ensure that internal messages and documents are kept safe and sound from prying eyes.  This is a server that’s usually accessible by an Internet browser, where files, notes, and messages can be uploaded to shared folders.  What makes this an advantage to traditional organizational servers is that you can password protect your information.  By providing only authorized employees with various passwords, you can ensure that team members who have the right to look at these documents are the only ones doing so.


On a similar note, business leaders may want to consider password-protecting their files via a PDF format.  This allows you to place a password on the PDF file, which can only be accessed by an authorized employee.  This also means that an employee will have to gain your permission before making any changes to a document.  Add to the fact that you can’t take a snapshot of a secure PDF, and it’s no wonder more business leaders are using this method to communicate sensitive information within an organization.


Ultimately, the ideal secure communication method will largely depend on several factors, including the following:


  • The sensitivity and confidentiality of your products and/or services
  • The current security of your organization’s communication methods
  • The number of external vendors, clients, and employees who have access to these sensitive documents and messages


If your organization meets these criteria, considering installing one or both of the secure communication methods within your own workplace.  Online fax and secure corporate servers can make it possible for you to conduct business without worrying who is watching and accessing your organization’s sensitive and confidential information without your permission.


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