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Communicate Faster with an Online Fax Service

Whether you’re a parent looking to make life a bit more manageable for you and the family, or a business owner looking to streamline your business practices, communication plays a crucial role in a successful and productive day.  After all, there’s a lot to do throughout the day – and if you’re using technologies that make it difficult to communicate effectively, you could end up adding more time and aggravation to your day.  When you’re running a business or running a family, you have better things to do with your time – like actually spending time with the people who matter!


Consider the following scenarios to see how slower communications can make your day much longer and more frustrating for everyone involved:


  • Pam is a stay-at-home mother with a family of four children to look after.  With two children at home and two children in school, Pam finds herself constantly running around trying to make things work.  At least once each week, she finds that her kids’ school sends home forms that she and her husband need to sign.  However, her husband often works late hours, which makes it hard to predict when they’ll be able to deliver the forms.  She relies on the fax machine to send contracts and forms to her husband at work, who then needs to sign and send the documents back.  While the process is somewhat faster than waiting around for a time when they’re all together, it can still be inconvenient, as she’s often out of the house running errands or taking the kids to school.


  • Jill is a business owner who is attempting to grow her company from a mom-and-pop shop to a chain store with multiple locations.  In order to do that, Jill needs to invest in more modern technologies; however, she’s reluctant to do so because she thinks her current technologies are suiting her just fine.  However, clients and vendors are becoming more frustrated that they can only reach her by phone, and not online.  She also finds it difficult to get and sign contracts, as she can’t afford to buy a fax machine or scanner.  These problems seem insurmountable, because she can’t invest in new technologies until she starts making more money from the new store locations.


As you can see, faster communication isn’t just crucial for talking with clients – it’s essential for conducting a success business and making any busy family’s day a lot more efficient.


So what tools can help you engage in faster communication?  Take a look for yourself:


  1. Cheap fax service:  We’re not talking about just a traditional fax service – we’re talking about the ability to send faxes online.  That’s right: a cheap fax service that’s available online can make it possible for you to upload documents to your computer, smartphone or tablets, and send them to recipients via their email addresses or their traditional fax numbers.  This ability to send faxes makes it easy for you to send contracts and other documents via a secure network connection.  Best of all, you don’t need to buy expensive faxing equipment to send and receive faxes; you just need to download cheap fax service software to get started.


2. Web conferencing software:  It can be tough to schedule in meetings with clients who are located a couple of towns over – but what happens when you need to meet with a client who is located across the world?  That’s why web conferencing software should be a critical communication that every person has on his or her computer.  Even busy families can benefit from web conferencing software.  For example, if your wife is at a business conference across the country, you can use web conferencing software to allow her to say goodnight to the kids face-to-face.


3. FaceTime or Skype:  These types of software make it possible for you to conduct face-to-face meetings over your phone.  This way, should you need to have a meeting while you’re on the road or away from your office, you can simply turn on your cell phone and start getting business done.


Quick and efficient communication is essential to making your day a lot less frustrating.  Stop waiting around for your communications to keep up with your busy lifestyle – make it happen by upgrading the tools you use to connect with others, whether they’re your family members or your clients.


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