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Reports Show Telecommuting Increases Productivity

When it comes to telecommuting, most businesses agree it’s a great way to cut costs and improve employee loyalty to a company.  After all, keeping your office closed for a couple of days out of every month can save a great deal of money on electricity, while telecommuting gives your employees the chance to spend more time at home with their family.


It seems like a win-win scenario for everyone – which is why the world was shocked when Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer banned telecommuting from home offices.  Many people saw this move as hypocritical, especially when Mayer became the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company ever when she was just five months pregnant.  Many people criticized her for this move, stating it was hypocritical of her to restrict worker flexibility while installing a nursery next to her own office.


Likewise, many detractors state her ban on telecommuting will only serve to increase workplace aggravation in a company that’s desperately pining to be seen as technologically advanced as Google.  Her detractors certainly have a great deal of evidence by their side, especially in the wake of a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau.  Officing Today reports the following (


“According to the March report, 13 million people – that’s nearly 10 percent of the U.S. workforce, worked from home at least one day at week in 2010.  That figure is up from 7 percent in 1997.  And Global Workplace Analytics found that 95 percent of employers report that telecommuting has a high impact on talent retention.  What’s more, a 2012 study published last year in a Monthly Labor Review noted that telecommuters typically work five to seven hours more a week than their office-bound colleagues.  And numerous companies report that allowing employees to telecommute from a virtual office makes them happier and more productive.


“Jim Connolly, an organizational behavior consultant and a partner with Thomas, Connolly & Phelps, also believes Mayer’s decision to band telecommuting is a bad move because as workers integrate more technology into their lives, the flexibility of working from anywhere and at anytime is becoming as routine as having your paycheck direct deposited.  Less flexibility for employees means lower employee satisfaction.”


If want to see an increase in employee productivity and happiness, it pays to have the telecommuting office in your workplace.  Therefore, consider having these tools and software by your side to help make it happen:


  1. Project management software:  If you want your employees to have the ability to work from home, you need to make it easy for them to access the office.  By giving your employees project management software, you’ll make it possible for them to communicate with other employees, upload project documents, and even mark that they’ve reached project milestones and deadlines.  This is critical to ensuring that work goes smoothly and without any interruption just from transferring from the workplace to a home office.


2. Cheap fax service:  You don’t need to give your co-workers a fax machine in their home offices – just install a cheap fax service that can be used online.  This makes it possible for you to send a fax from your email inbox right to a recipient’s traditional fax machine, and they can also send faxes from this machine to your email inbox.  This gives your employees the flexibility to send faxes without needing heavy faxing equipment, which can be costly and almost impossible to require your employees to have in all their home offices.  After all, the ability to send faxes is still an important one, so consider installing a cheap fax service within your employees’ computers.


3. Web Conferencing Software:  One of the biggest drawbacks to having your employees working from home is that it can be hard to conduct business meetings, especially face-to-face ones.  Fortunately, web conferencing software solves all of these problems, as it makes it possible for your employees to conduct business meetings using web cameras.  This gives your clients and vendors the face-to-face interactions they need to see who they’re doing business with, while your employees can enjoy all of the benefits of working from home.


When it comes to enjoying increased productivity from your employees, it’s plain to see that short-term incentives like bonuses might not always be the best option.  Give your employees the chance to telecommute with technologies like project management software, cheap fax service, and web conferencing software, and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of happy and productive employees.


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