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The Best Ways to Communicate With Clients

When it comes to communicating with clients, you might feel like your options are limited.  After all, you have their email addresses, their phone numbers, and perhaps even a fax number – so what more do you need?


The answer might surprise you.  In fact marketing experts have reported that if you want to do more business with clients, it pays to take your communication technologies to the next level.  In other words, if you’re still using 20th-century methods of communication to reach out to clients, you could end up losing their business to competitors who aren’t afraid to embrace 21st-century technologies.


At first glance, this might not seem like a logical conclusion.  After all, decades of marketing experience has taught business owners that clients care more about the quality of a product and the customer service associated with that product, not the type of communication technologies that a company uses.  However, recent shifts in customer attitudes have made it imperative for business owners and managers to make critical decisions regarding their communication technologies.


So what are the reasons behind this shift in customer attitude – and what can you do to keep up?


The Era of Instant Gratification


Once upon a time, customers were content to send online order forms by fax and by mail, only to wait for confirmation from the recipients.  This was a time when waiting four to six weeks for product delivery was still an acceptable way of doing business.  However, recent advances in online technology – combined with the overwhelming popularity of social media accounts – have made it possible for customers to get what they want, when they want it.


And this is having a profound impact on businesses across the country.


Because customers are used to receiving instant gratification with everything from online orders to online games, it makes sense that this attitude would extend to communication formats.  After all, when a customer can’t get in touch with you right away, their impatience could drive them to seek out business with one of your competitors who has faster response times.


For example, if you have a customer service department that doesn’t get back to customers until the next business day to provide a free quote, your prospective clients might abandon you in favor of a company that provides instant quotes.  As another example, if you’re doing business with a client who is located in another time zone, chatting on the phone might be an expensive and time-consuming alternative.  These examples all point out a single truth: if you want to do business in the 21st century, you need communication technologies that match the fast-paced, instant gratification nature of your best customers.


The Best “Instant Gratification” Technologies


So what are some of the best instant gratification technologies that business owners can apply to their communications with clients?  Take a look to see for yourself:


Email to Fax Services:  This type of fax service – also known as VOIP fax – is an innovative new approach to traditional fax machines because it uses the power of the Internet to send faxes.  To use an email to fax service, you simply need to upload your documents to your computer and send them to an email or fax recipient.  VOIP fax is also better than traditional faxing services because it’s far more secure.  Think about it: your customers want to know that their faxes are instantly received, not sitting on a fax tray waiting for someone other than the recipient to pick it up.


Online Conferencing Software:  If you have clients who are located around the world, you might find it troublesome to try to schedule phone meetings.  That’s why you’ll find it easier to utilize online conferencing software, which makes it possible for you to schedule “face-to-face” meetings with clients who may want to conduct business with someone other than just a voice over the phone.  Marketing experts have long expounded the merits of face-to-face meetings, as customers want to see a face behind an online service.  Therefore, if you’re not using online conferencing software, consider making it a standard part of your business communications.  You can even download Skype, which is a free service that allows you to have face-to-face meetings with clients located around the world.


If your communication technologies haven’t caught up with the 21st century yet, consider starting with the above technologies.  These affordable technologies can make it possible for you to communicate with clients who want instant results – not days of waiting for a response from you or your customer service team.


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